Powering Your Smart Devices

HTML5-based scalable OS platform

  • What is Acadine Technologies™ H5OS

    Acadine Technologies™ H5OS is a dynamic, scalable operating systems software / service platform based on open standard web technologies, that leverages the existing extensive web ecosystem and fosters open participation and enhances device makers’ freedom to innovate. We’ve constructed a horizontal platform with built-in support for core industry standards. It connects and streamlines the diverse IoT ecosystem across fields such as medical, manufacturing, smart Home, automotive and retail. Acadine Technologies™ H5OS is a commercially ready, independent OS designed for the next decades of innovation.

  • Why Acadine Technologies™ H5OS is your best solution

    Employing Web Technology
    By leveraging HTML5 technology, Acadine Technologies™ H5OS is more versatile, adaptable and memory efficient than other existing mobile operating systems. Smart device makers can readily adopt Acadine Technologies™ H5OS, both for sophisticated mobile devices as well as lightweight devices such as smart cameras.

    Acadine Technologies™ H5OS embraces open web standards to facilitate cross-platform usability so that apps, contents and services developed for Acadine Technologies™ H5OS can be rendered and delivered to other operating systems via their web components.

    Scalable and Dynamic Design
    Acadine Technologies™ H5OS facilitates an environment for smart device makers to develop and commercialize their various product innovations. Acadine Technologies™ H5OS is composed of two key products - Acadine Technologies™ H5OS Core and Acadine Technologies™ H5OS Feature Packs. Acadine Technologies™ H5OS Core is a commercialization ready, dynamic OS and service platform where systems and apps can be enhanced on demand. The Acadine Technologies™ H5OS Feature Packs target applications and user experience for specific product markets. It currently includes one for mobile devices and one for wearable products.

    Fast Time to Market
    At the same time, device makers can reduce time to market, integrating a world-class operating system into their products without having to develop a full system themselves. With Acadine Technologies™ H5OS, they can focus time and resources on their specialized product differentiators.

  • Acadine Technologies™ H5OS Core 1.0 Release

    Acadine Technologies™ H5OS Core 1.0 includes the latest technologies such as 4G telephony and Voice over LTE. It enables touch and non-touch interfaces, multi-screen experiences and various connectivity and sensor technologies that support the need for a full spectrum of smart devices. The Acadine Technologies™ H5OS Core also comes with an open service framework that empowers content and services collaborators. The Acadine Technologies™ H5OS Core 1.0 supports all the essential features of smart devices, enabling developers, OEM/ODM and other partners to access Acadine Technologies™ H5OS – through the most prevalent reference hardware, such as DragonBoard™ and Raspberry Pi 2, as well as other commercial solutions. Acadine Technologies™ H5OS Core 1.0 is available now for partners interested in making smart devices.

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